H.G. Steamship - Welcome Aboard!

Ahoy, fellow adventurers, gear-makers, Cog Slappers, tinkerers and lovers of all things Steampunk!  We are proud to announce the HG Steamship sails once again!  

We have journeyed far and wide gathering the finest silks, metals, leathers and gears to manifest elegant HATS & GOGGLES in hopes that ordinary people may embark on adventures of their own. 

The airship is a Class 3 Galleon built of Oak lumbered from the timber forests of Asgard.  Her chains and anchors were forged in Avalon  by a crafty guild of blacksmiths (they supposedly make good swords too).  Her silk masts were hand stitched by monks at a Temple in Shambhala.  

Originally a naval vessel, she has docked in  the port cities of  Ys, anchored off the shores of El Dorado and escorted reluctant travelers up the Vaitarna River.  In Atlantis, she was retrofitted with a dirigible Zeppelin to become airborne (this was necessary after the flood of course).  Steam power was adopted for propulsion while in Victorian England and modifications continue to be made as alternative energy sources are discovered.   

Since then, the Airship has been shepherding brave souls between Earth and worlds beyond for as long as time has allowed.  You are very fortunate to have discovered her  when you did.  She only lands periodically and only picks up the boldest of travelers.   

Please feel free to walk about the airship and contact our Captain should you require assistance.  

Mini Steampunk Hats

All Hats & Goggles can be purchased in our ETSY store:

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