H.G. Steamship - Welcome Aboard!
Hats & Goggles (H.G.)

We have gathered the finest silks, metals, fabrics and Dragon Hides (pleather) to provide you with the very best Steampunk accessories this side of the Divide. All of our hats and goggles are hand-made with care in NY.

Mini-Steampunk Hats

Materials include Satin, Silk, Nylon, Cotton and blended fabrics.  Accessories such as gears, feathers, ribbons, lockets and functioning clocks can be added upon request.  

Red Satin Mini Steampunk Hat

Colors, gears, feathers, clocks and ribbons can be added upon request.

COMB for easy attachment

Airship Goggles

Materials include dark and light brown pleather, plastic, metal, 1" cotton webbing, Stainless Triglides, Rivits, and metal Ds.  Ds come in Copper, Bronze, Stainless and Brass.

Light Brown Steampunk Goggles

Dark Brown Airship Goggles with Copper D

Airship Captain Alex

A variety of cotton webbing, D metals and pleather can be tailored upon request.

All Hats & Goggles can be purchased in our ETSY store:

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